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Masterclass with Farah Khan

Masterclass with Farah Khan

Attended masterclass with Farah Khan at Osianama at Liberty cinema, Mumbai. Participated the conversation on remarkable journey of Farah Khan– from a self- trained dancer to becoming a renowned choreographer. Farah Khan’s credits include many great film and stage productions of more than 25 year, from, Jo jeeta woh sikander, Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge and Dil Chahta Hai to Monsoon Wedding, Vanity Fair and Bombay Dreams. She is also the director of blockbuster hits such as Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om and Happy New Year.


She takes us from concept to execution in conversation with the pioneering Neville Tuli
She answered my two question as below during the open session:
As a choreographer what challenge she usually face while directing a star who is not good in dance?
She Replied ” Before we choreograph any dance, we are well aware of the dancing skills of the actors who are going to perform. So we make sure to give such steps that the actor should be comfortable to deliver it and look good performing it. I just make sure that I bring out the best from the actor. For eg- If I am choreographing Ajay Devgan’s dance song then I will make sure to give him suitable steps as per his dancing skills so that he can feel comfortable performing it. I cannot give Hrithik Roshan’s step to Sunny Deol.
How she think about Sajid Khan as a director?
Sajid is having his own style of making films. He started a trend of comedy films. There was a different kind of humor which was created by the Legends like Kishor Kumar in the golden days, Sajid has such kind of taste. If you go and look his films like “Hey Baby” “Housefull” etc, then you will see that he has used this kind of humor in all of his films. May be the taste of Indian Audience has changed in last couple of years but humor always get its space in entertainment industry.    
– As told by Chitragupta sinha, Actor, Freelance Journalist during question and answer session at Osianama Masterclass with Farah Khan.

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